Exploratory Search and HCI
 Designing and Evaluating Interfaces to Support Exploratory Search Interaction
 SIGCHI 2007 Workshop 29 April 2007, San Jose, CA, USA 

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First Workshop on Exploratory Search and HCI

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People engaged in an exploratory search require support that extends beyond the known-item retrieval well handled by many modern search systems. They may require help discovering new associations and kinds of knowledge, resolving complex information problems, or developing an understanding of terminology and information space structure. The creation of exploratory search interfaces (ESI) to support user-system interactions during search exploration has become a topic of great interest to researchers. The goal of this workshop is to find common elements for understanding the next generation of search interfaces to support users’ exploratory search interactions. The workshop will run for one full-day, and offer an interdisciplinary forum of discussion for researchers, practitioners, and academics, interested in designing and evaluating technology for supporting exploratory search activities. It will span research fields like interactive design, HCI, computer science, sociology, anthropology, ethnography, and information science. The workshop will facilitate discussions aiming at the development of a set of guidelines for designing and evaluating exploratory search interfaces, and will be a vehicle for introducing exploratory search to the CHI community.

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