HCIR 2008
 Bridging Human-Computer Interaction and Information Retrieval
 Workshop hosted by Microsoft Research 23 Oct 2008, Redmond, WA 

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Accepted Papers

Oral presentations

Measuring Search Experience Satisfaction using Explicit Context-Aware Feedback
Raman Chandrasekar (Microsoft Research), Matthew R. Scott (Microsoft Research), Dean Slawson (Microsoft Research), A.R.D. Rajan (New York University), and Daniel Makoski (Microsoft Corporation)

Polestar: Assisted Navigation for Exploring Multi-dimensional Information Spaces
Davor Cubranic (SAP)

UIs for Faceted Navigation Recent Advances and Remaining Open Problems
Marti A. Hearst (University of California at Berkeley)

Constructing Exploratory Tasks for a Faceted Search Interface
Bill Kules (The Catholic University of America) and Robert Capra (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Personal Information Organization and Retrieval Using an Activity-Based Desktop Interface
Stephen Voida (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Human-Guided Ontology Learning
Hui Yang and Jamie Callan (Carnegie Mellon University)

Poster presentations

Augmenting Faceted Exploration with ResultMaps
Edward C. Clarkson and James D. Foley (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Investigating the Effects of Enhanced Search Facets
Abdigani Diriye (University College London), Ann Blandford (University College London), and Anastasios Tombros (Queen Mary, University of London)

Beyond the Search Box: Helping Users Find Health Information on the Web
Kevin Duh (University of Washington) and Shawn Medero (Healia.com)

Collaborative Query Term Suggestion
Gene Golovchinsky, Pernilla Qvarfordt, and Jeremy Pickens (FX Palo Alto Laboratory)

Lightweight Additions to the Web Search Interface Supporting Exploratory Web Search
Orland Hoeber (Memorial University of Newfoundland)

Viewing Searching Systems as Learning Systems
Bernard J. Jansen (Pennsylvania State University)

Focus on Results: Personal and Group Information Seeking Over Time
Gary Marchionini, Robert Capra, and Chirag Shah (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

SocialRank: An Ego- and Time-centric Workflow for Relationship Identification
Jaime Montemayor, Chris Diehl, Mike Pekala, and David Patrone (Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory)

An Interactive Information Seeking Interface for Exploratory Search
Hogun Park, Sung Hyon Myaeng, Gwan Jang, Jong-wook Choi, Sooran Jo, and Hyung-chul Roh (Information & Communications University)

Search: From Information to Knowledge
Yan Qu (University of Maryland at College Park)

Geography and Networks
Robert Reich (Me.dium)

What might the system teach its user?
Catherine Smith (Rutgers University)

Challenges for Supporting Faceted Search in Large, Heterogeneous Corpora like the Web
Jaime Teevan, Susan T. Dumais, and Zachary Gutt (Microsoft Corporation)

Novel User Interfaces via Model-Mediated Information Retrieval
Earl J. Wagner and Larry Birnbaum (Northwestern University)

Summarization and Refinement Tags in Folksonomies
Joyce Wang, Vladimir Zelevinsky, and Daniel Tunkelang (Endeca)

Site Metadata on the Web
Erik Wilde (University of California at Berkeley)

Improving Exploratory Search Interfaces: Adding Value or Information Overload?
Max Wilson and mc schraefel (University of Southampton)

Supporting Exploratory Search for the ACM Digital Library
Vladimir Zelevinsky, Joyce Wang, and Daniel Tunkelang (Endeca)