Exploratory Search Interfaces
Clustering, Categorization and Beyond 
 HCIL SOH 2005 Workshop 2 June 2005, University of Maryland, USA 
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Bio: Ryen White

Dr. Ryen William White has been a Faculty Research Associate in the Institute for Advanced Computer Studies, University of Maryland since November 2004, where he does research in human-computer interaction, information retrieval and information seeking behaviour. Prior to this he was a Ph.D. candidate in the Information Retrieval Group in the Department of Computing Science, University of Glasgow, U.K. In October 2004 he completed his doctoral studies on the development and testing of new ways to help people search collections such as the World Wide Web. His doctoral dissertation was entitled “Implicit Feedback for Interactive Information Retrieval” and is available for download here.

Dr. White has published over 25 journal and conference articles on human aspects of Web searching and the development of Web search interfaces to help users. In 2001 he received the UNISYS Executive of Interest prize for his final year undergraduate project. In 2003 he was the recipient of a Royal Society of Edinburgh J.M. Lessels Travel Scholarship that allowed him to be a Visiting Scientist at the Information School, University of Washington, Seattle, USA. He was the co-recipient of Best Paper Award at the INTERACT 2003 conference and Best Student Paper at the 2004 European Conference on Information Retrieval. He has been an active participant in the recently completed EPSRC research project named POW! and is current actively involved in two U.S. government funded projects at the University of Maryland: MALACH (Multilingual Access to Large Spoken Archives) and HERMES (Helping Retrieve Archived Messages). Dr. White currently coordinates the user interface strand of the MALACH project.

Dr. White’s research interests and areas of expertise include user interaction and modeling, search result presentation and visualization, adaptive search systems, Web document summarization, experimental design and analysis, and affective computing. He comes to this workshop with an Information Retrieval (IR) background and will share his experiences in developing interfaces for IR systems that facilitate exploratory search behaviour. Part of his contribution will be a description of a ‘berrypicking’ interface currently being created for MALACH.

More information available at: http://umiacs.umd.edu/~ryen

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