Evaluating Exploratory Search Systems
 SIGIR 2006 Workshop 10 August 2006, Seattle, USA 

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Note: This page is currently under construction. An inital outline, minus times and breaks, is provided below. Ordering of presentations in the paper sessions is not final.

Ice-breaker Activity to familiarize participants with the goals of the workshop and each other

Panel Andy Edmonds, Microsoft
Tom Landauer, University of Colorado
Cathy Marshall, Microsoft
Pete Pirolli, Xerox PARC

Paper Session 1 Layered Evaluation of Adaptive Search
Peter Brusilovsky, Rosta Farzan, and Jae-wook Ahn, University of Pittsburgh, USA

Wrapper: An Application for Evaluating Exploratory Searching Outside of the Lab
Bernard J. Jansen, Raghavan Ramadoss, Mimi Zhang, and Nan Zang, The Pennsylvania State University, USA

Exploratory Search Visualization: Identifying Factors Affecting Evaluation
Sherry Koshman, University of Pittsburgh, USA

Paper Session 2 Task-based Evaluation of Exploratory Search Systems
Wessel Kraaij and Wilfried Post, TNO, The Netherlands

Methods for Evaluating Changes in Search Tactics Induced by Exploratory Search Systems
Bill Kules, Takoma Software, USA

An Integrated Approach to Interaction Modeling and Analysis for Exploratory Information Retrieval
Gheorghe Muresan, Rutgers University, USA

Breakout Sessions Session 1: Models
Session 2: Metrics
Session 3: Methodologies
Discussion Feedback from the breakout sessions
Closing remarks

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