Evaluating Exploratory Search Systems
 SIGIR 2006 Workshop 10 August 2006, Seattle, USA 

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  SIGIR 2006

Interested participants will be required to submit a 100 word biography and a 2000 word position paper in the SIGIR 2006 conference format.

The workshop will contain two paper sessions, containing at least one presentation (with discussion) on each of:

  • Methodologies (e.g., test collections, simulations, ethnography, task-oriented approaches)
  • Metrics (e.g., measures of learning, user performance)
  • Models (e.g., interfaces and interaction paradigms, mental models)

Papers that can be placed into these categories will be given preference, as will those papers that concentrate on evaluation rather than technology. For each submission the outcome of the review process will be a recommendation to either: accept for workshop presentation and working notes, accept for working notes only, or reject.

Submissions should be emailed to eess2006@sakai.rutgers.edu by midnight Pacific Time on May 15 2006.

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