Exploratory Search and HCI
 Designing and Evaluating Interfaces to Support Exploratory Search Interaction
 SIGCHI 2007 Workshop 29 April 2007, San Jose, CA, USA 

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Accepted Posters

Exploratory Search Using Timelines
Omar Alonso, University of California, USA; Ricardo Baeza-Yates, Yahoo! Research, Spain; Michael Gertz, University of California, USA

Exploratory Tag-Based Search in Multiple Enterprise Domains with the Malibu Productivity Assistant
Michael Muller, Werner Geyer, Casey Dugan, Beth Brownholtz, Eric Wilcox, David R Millen, IBM Research, USA

Encouraging Exploration with Elroy: A New User Experience for Web Search
Daniel E. Rose, A9.com, USA; Swati Raju, Yahoo! Inc, USA

combinFormation: Exploring Multiple Searches Together
Eunyee Koh, Andruid Kerne, Texas A & M University, USA

AVATAR: Beyond Keywords - Collaborative Information Extraction and Search
Eser Kandogan, Rajasekar Krishnamurty, Sriram Raghavan, Shivakumar Vaithyanathan, Huaiyu Zhu, IBM Almaden Research Center, USA

ResultMaps: Search Result Visualization For Hierarchical Information Spaces
Edward C. Clarkson, James D. Foley, Georgia Tech, USA

Challenges and Opportunities for Visual Exploratory Search in User-generated Media Content Collections
Jasminko Novak, University of Zurich, Switzerland

SmartWeb: Display of Web Search Results in a Virtual City
Nicolas Bonnel, IRISA / INSA, France

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