Web Information-Seeking and Interaction
 SIGIR 2007 WISI Workshop 27 July 2007, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

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  SIGIR 2007
First Workshop on Web Information-Seeking and Interaction

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The World Wide Web has provided access to a diverse range of information sources and systems. People engaging with this rich network of information may need to interact with different technologies, interfaces, and information providers in the course of a single search task. These systems may offer different interaction affordances and require users to adapt their information-seeking strategies. Not only is this challenging for users, but it also presents challenges for the designers of interactive systems, who need to make their own system useful and usable to broad user groups.  The popularity of Web browsing and Web search engines has given rise to distinct forms of information-seeking behaviour, and new interaction styles, but we do not yet fully understand these or their implications for the development of new systems.

Web information seeking and interaction (i.e., the interaction of users with Web-based content and applications during information-seeking activities) is a topic that unites many strands of academic and commercial research, from studies of information-seeking behaviour to the design and construction of large-scale interactive systems. Designing components to support this interaction (and evaluating these components) is particularly challenging given the scale of the Web, the diversity of the user population, the diversity in tasks being undertaken, and the dynamic nature of the information.

This workshop is intended to act as a focal point for researchers and practitioners whose work is related to web information seeking and interaction, to enable them to share experiences and collaborate.

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