Web Information-Seeking and Interaction
 SIGIR 2007 WISI Workshop 27 July 2007, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

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09:00 09:30 Introduction and Ice-breaker: Interactive (out-of-your-chair) activity to familiarize participants with the goals of the workshop and each other.

09:30 10:30 Panel: "Challenges and Opportunities in Supporting Web Search Interaction". The following three fantastic panelists generously agreed to give up their time to serve on the panel:
  • Peter Anick (Yahoo!)
  • Diane Kelly (University of North Carolina)
  • Maria Stone (Google)
10:30 11:00 Coffee break

11:00 12:30 Break-out sessions and discussion: Participants break out into small groups, discuss solutions to problems posed by the workshop organizers and other participants, and report back.

12:30 14:00 Lunch

14:00 15:30 Paper presentations: [Background paper list also available]

Adaptive Personalization of Web Search
Shady Elbassuoni, Julia Luxenburger, Gerhard Weikum
(Max-Planck-Institute of Informatics)

Exploring How Mouse Movements Relate to Eye Movements on Web Search Results Pages
Kerry Rodden (Google Inc.); Xin Fu (University of North Carolina)

Evaluating Engagement in Interactive Search
Heather O'Brien, Elaine Toms (Dalhousie University)

Clickthrough-based Measures of Search Engine Performance
Erik Graf, Craig Macdonald, Iadh Ounis (University of Glasgow)

15:30 16:00 Coffee break

16:00 16:45 Workshop-wide discussion

16:45 17:00 Closing remarks and future directions

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